Sleigh-ing this Holiday Season

Tis the season to be… jolly? stressed? anxious? Possibly all of the above. The spirit of the holidays can bring cheer and happiness, while for some it can be the opposite. The holidays will look a bit different this year, so here are just a few reminders and things to keep in mind as we close out the year 2020.

  • Be Kind. Just do it.. it’s free and takes zero effort. Every single one of us went through the same event (covid19), but that doesn’t mean our experiences have been the same. Each person experienced something different, and although we likely know why, we don’t know how the extent to which the pandemic has impacted one another. Whether you are at the grocery store, in line for coffee, literally ANYWHERE, just be kind to others!
  • Limit your social media consumption. Remember that during this time of year, our feeds are crowded with everyone’s year in review- what they accomplished, things they bought, or the exciting news they have going for them in 2021. Nothing against those posts, but the holidays are quite often a time with high levels of stress along with loneliness, anxiety, depression. These posts can often trigger those feelings when we don’t feel like we accomplished what we wanted to this year, or even if someone is not able to spend this time with their loved ones. So set a limit for yourself and watch what you consume (physically and mentally). The smartphones and social media apps have notification settings that you can set that will trigger a message when you go past a certain time. Definitely recommend at least for the season!
  • Don’t compare. Seeing everyone else’s journey online makes it easier to compare your situation to others. Keep in mind rarely will anyone post their failures or current struggles for the world to know. Who does? Unless you know the people behind the photo personally, then it really does you no good to take yourself down that path. The Holiday Blues are real, so here are a few resources from WebMD and the Mayo Clinic to help reduce any stress during this season. #mentalhealthmatters

It’s beginning to look a lot like… a FREE challenge! Sleigh what?! Yes, that’s right! For the first year ever, you can join my 21-Day December Self-Development Challenge, Happy HolidayZ! But 21 days, Ziz?

YES, and I’ll tell you why.

It takes minimum 21 days to form a habit. Often, we wait until the lovely new year to begin planning out our resolutions and goals that we often drop by the second week of February (or sooner…) At the beginning of the challenge, I provide you with the full calendar of tips, tricks, hacks, and actionable items that will help improve your self-awareness and challenge you to begin or continue your self-development journey BEFORE we hit 2021. That way, you’re already ahead of the game.

Reach out to me on my channels or email me at so I can add you to our challenge! We also have a private Facebook group where you can receive even more access and weekly content.

I know this year has been tough for us all.. and there’s still a long journey ahead. Don’t put your goals in the back seat, they are waiting for you! Happy holidays everyone!

Your coach,

Aziza <3

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