Spotlight: Daniel Fequiere – From Illness to Fitness

Spotlight: Daniel Fequiere

Business: Fequiere Fitness

Socials: @fequierefitness

Degree Tracks: Physical Education + Occupational Therapy

Been a while since I’ve done a spotlight, but I am happy to welcome none other than Daniel Fequiere as part of the Generation Ziz series spotlight! In the past, I’ve tailored this series to “Millennials Making Moves,” to showcase young professionals that are killing the game and who I believe are relatable and can inspire anyone that visits this page.

The youngest of four, Daniel was always surrounded by fitness through his older siblings, who were all very active in extracurriculars, fitness and sports in school. Today he is studying to become an occupational therapist, his goal one day is to build his own clinic where patients can come in not only for rehabilitation, but to also learn techniques and workouts to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

At the age of 13, Daniel was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease called Lupus, which can affect your organs, kidneys, and joints. In 2017, he experienced a hard flare-up of the disease which made him put on 30 pounds of water weight and made it really difficult for him to walk.

With the flare-up, Daniel wasn’t able to train for close to three months- but that didn’t mean he’d give up trying without a fight. Fitness is his passion and no illness was going to take that from him. Over the next few months Daniel took everything he incorporated from his books and applied it to his current situation.

“It was like I was 90 years old in a 20-year old body.”

He used the pool a lot because water resistance made it easier to walk further and do exercises longer than he would be able to handle outside of the water. Although the doctors told him he might have to get accustomed to a “new normal,” he refused to accept that this was how his life would look like. With proper eating, consistent exercises and maintaining a positive mind, Daniel was able to lose weight and battled his way through a testing time. Thankfully, he is in remission today.

After recovering from his illness, Daniel launched his brand to help others reclaim their lifestyle. The Fequiere Fitness brand is based on 3 principles:

  1. God created you for greatness. Illness has no right to get in the way of that.
  2. The human body is capable of achieving more than we think it can.  All you need is a friendly push to get you to peak performance.
  3. With the right trainer, you’ll be able to achieve your fitness goals and move past fitness plateaus’ faster than you ever have before.

I first met Daniel at a women’s empowerment bootcamp through one of our mutual friends, Liza! In an effort to empower and motivate women through fitness, we all met at Central Park where Daniel and another trainer coached us through a very intense workout.

An author, fitness and health coach, Daniel has built a groundbreaking fitness program designed to help performers get back to their ideal weight, habits, and diet. Along the way, he provides helpful tips, inspiration and scripture verses to get you reconnected to who you truly are – a peak performer who is proud of your potential. Local to South Florida, Central Park and Vista View were frequented by Daniel pre-covid. Currently, he trains clients virtually via Zoom.

What would be your advice to someone starting their fitness journey?

“Fitness must not be for a season change but for a life change. Don’t workout to reach a goal for the summer body or upcoming event and then quit right afterwards- consistency is key to not only getting healthy, but staying healthy.”

What are some things to do to stay positive during a difficult time?

“I feel like negativity will always try to find its way to enter your thoughts and disrupt your mindset. Choosing not to dwell on those emotions is how you overcome and win your mind back. Need ideas on what to do? There are simple tools you can use to change your life by staying positive, including spiritual meditation, proper sleep, healthy eating, exercising, cutting out music/TV shows or even bad friends that seem toxic in your life.”

“For issues you feel are too big to handle alone… DON’T. Seek help from a wise counselor that you trust like a minister, a licensed therapist, a doctor, legal guardian or even a childhood friend you know and trust will help you through it.”

Who inspires you?

“My biggest inspiration after Jesus is my beautiful wife, Stephanie Rodnez! She is an entrepreneur that provides resources for women of faith that empower them to achieve their greatest purpose for Christ through her business called Godlywood Girl. (Sounds like a fit for you? Check out her website or her instagram @godlywoodgirl).

Stephanie’s ambition and drive to make an impact in this world by helping others motivates me everyday to be greater than just myself. There is nothing more inspiring that seeing someone give all they can to help change the lives of others.”

Contrary to most trainers, he HATES BURPEES with a passion!! His favorite exercises are pushups, squats, and an ab workout because all can be done without equipment and you can incorporate a few sets throughout the day in order to keep up #thegains! In his spare time, Daniel spends it with his wife watching Netlfix, episodes of “The Office” and of course, eating chocolate! Sometimes when he eats it, he even starts to hum unknowingly! (kind of like your happy food dance you do when you think no one is watching).

Thankful that I know someone such as Daniel who’s energy is contagious and whose workouts really make a difference! Make sure to check out Daniel’s Youtube Channel and subscribe- new videos out every Monday and all levels welcome! 2020 has challenged us all in a lot of ways, and if some of your fitness goals have fallen through, it’s never too late to turn it around! Join us for a FREE live at home workout on Instagram you can do with just a resistance band! Get ready for that burn!! Tune in @Generationziz on September 22 at 12PM.

Thank you, Daniel!


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