About Me

Welcome, Generation Ziz! My name is Aziza Mustafa and  I help young professionals achieve more happiness in their life and career. 

For five years, I have used this platform to express my thoughts as a young professional today and teach others in my spare time how to be more self-aware. I self-studied and applied these concepts and wanted to reach as many as I could because right now our society and primary education system does not teach us how to be or use self-awareness to navigate through our life and relationships.

During the pandemic, I knew I had to dive deeper into this passion of mine. I decided to head back to school for Organizational Leadership (because we deserve to incorporate happiness practices in work cultures too) and also received my certification as a Chief Happiness Officer. I also created my first life coaching program, “The Empowered Professional,” knowing I can contribute more from this platform.  

Back in 2017, when I studied abroad on a cruise ship I took a class called Self-Empowerment. There is something about studying the “self” when you have no where to go but the ocean, so I spent a lot of time in really deep thought. I wondered why I didn’t know much about myself and why I was never introduced to the concept of self-awareness before my twenties and why our society continues to entrap us with the idea of being “perfect”  and following the “rules.” I learned a lot about who I was, trying to answer questions such as “what is your contribution to the world?” and “what is your purpose?”

I decided that I wanted people to think deeper. I want to ask the questions I was asked at sea, to get us THINKING, to help everyone understand we need to take the time to work on ourselves and understand our WHY. And we can figure it out together.

Can’t wait to meet you!

-Ziz <3